Guaranteed Issue Coverage

See Options If You Have Existing Conditions

Not everyone can qualify for an underwritten coverage. Guaranteed Issue plans are perfect for people who are generally healthy but, for some reason, cannot qualify for an underwritten plan. They provide a viable alternative that can serve as an adequate bridge to the next open enrollment, group plan, until you reach Medicare but also may be perfect for your needs as a long term solution. Unlike underwritten plans, guaranteed issue plans do not consider your medical history. As the name suggests, any eligible applicant is guaranteed to receive coverage. Premium rates are based on non-medical factors such as your age, sex, and location.


All applicants are guaranteed approval without underwriting. Many of these plans provide very good, front-loaded benefits without the need to meet any annual deductible and can be used in conjunction with other coverage. Some plans include dental and vision coverage


Depending on the plan, there may be some limits on total coverage.

Check with us to see if those limits apply to your plan.

Who They Are For

Guaranteed issue plans are for people who are generally healthy but do not qualify for underwritten plans. This is usually because of a preexisting condition or some other disqualifier.

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