Underwritten Insurance Plans

See Options If You Are Generally Healthy

What Is An Underwritten Plan and Is It Right For Me?

Like auto insurance that offers the best drivers better coverage and lower rates, underwritten health plans can put you in a pool of other healthy people, allowing the carrier to reduce claims, cut costs and offer you better coverage, often at a much lower cost. Medical underwriting simply means that your past and present medical history will be considered if you qualify for the best plans.


Besides generally being less expensive, underwritten plans are available year-round and are not tied to annual open enrollment periods. They provide superior access to doctors and hospitals by offering nationwide PPO networks that don’t require referrals to see a specialist.


Underwritten plans require an underwriting process that starts with a completed medical questionnaire and may take 7-10 days to be approved. Not everyone can qualify for these plans but for those who do, they enjoy far more flexible coverage.

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